Why Church Planting in Wichita?

Our unique calling as a church is to “multiply churches that multiply churches to reach our county (greater Wichita) for Christ.” God has given us the call to share the gospel with every person in Wichita. Many churches in Wichita are doing great things, and we desire to partner with them. However, even if no one else was sharing the gospel, we know Jesus has given us this call for Wichita.

Some wonder what the real need for the gospel is in Wichita and ask, “Aren’t there enough churches in Wichita already?” Census and survey numbers state Wichita’s population has approximately 500,000 people. Of those, 53% claim no religious affiliation. While some of these people may not have an affiliation with a particular church, many don’t know Jesus at all. If you look at the people who work and live close to you and with whom you have a relationship, you’ll find many don’t have a personal relationship with Christ.

New churches can uniquely reach people far from God, and they most often reach people closest in proximity and demographic, so there is a definite need for new churches. Our desire is to plant churches that are living on mission together, and planting the gospel in neighborhoods and demographics central to the church plant’s mission.

Many different areas and cultures need to be reached in Wichita area (Sedgwick County). From small town to urban to suburban, church planting can cover all of these. God needs to move in ways we don’t expect for all people in Wichita to hear and have a chance to respond to the gospel.

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