West EFC Vision — Evangelical Free Church

Our 7 C’s

Several years ago, our elders looked through Scripture to find the marks of a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and came up with what has become known as the “7 C’s”. These help to shape the way that we think about disciple making and living out our mission as a church to ‘develop fully devoted followers of Christ by intentionally building those who know Jesus Christ and passionately pursuing those without Jesus Christ.” Our desire is that all people take steps toward Jesus on a daily basis in these areas.

1. Communion with God
A passion for God that draws me to Him and motivates me to live for Him.

2. Competent in the Word
Informed and transformed by the Word of God.

3. Consistent in My Walk
Consistently living out my faith in every area of my life (consistent obedience).

4. Connected to the Body
Some deep transparent relationships, plus a genuine commitment to the body of Christ.

5. Commissioned for Ministry
Regularly using talents and spiritual gifts in the power of the Spirit to serve the body of Christ.

6. Committed to the Lost
A lifestyle that makes both personal and corporate evangelism a high priority.

7. Compassion for those in need
Actively caring for anyone who is in need.