A Place You’ve Been Looking For

West EFC Membership — Evangelical Free Church

Do you ever feel lost in the world? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What does God expect from me? At West Evangelical Free Church, we want you to ask those questions. We may or may not have answers. But we’re committed to working together as the body of Christ to help you discover the answers to these questions.

Being a Christian is being part of a community striving to love one another and serve others. It’s not easy, but we believe it’s important for people to learn more about their faith and share it with others, which is why we support local, national and international missionaries and our unique calling at West EFC, is to plant churches in Sedgwick County.

Maybe you’ve never been to church. Maybe you grew up in church but haven’t been in one in a long time. Whatever the reason you’re checking us out, we hope and pray that West Evangelical Free Church is the place you’ve been looking for.